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End of October "The Greatest School and Land and Sea"

You Made It!

We all made it through October! Hallelujah! Ruthie and I know it has been a packed month. We have several mental health day breaks coming up so know that November and December will include some time to rest and rejuvenate!

Our focus for the rest of the semester must be what is being done at the guided reading table. Are your students being held to the following responsibilities at the guided reading table?:

  • Good readers use one-to-one (point at each word)
  • Good readers use their reading strategies to figure out words
  • Good readers apply their sight words to text
  • Good readers look at text and not the teacher when reading
  • Good readers make connections to text

Our goal is to have 90% of our students on Independent B....We can do this!

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RTI Meetings Next Week

RtI Meetings are on Thursday and Friday next week. We had to move the days due to schedule conflicts. We will work Day 2 around the nature walks.

What we need to have ready:

RtI Spreadsheet is Updated for all of October and 1st 9 weeks testing

Any updates on students

New Students- Make sure they are added

Pre K Focus- Students who did not make 1st 9 weeks goals.

K Focus- GT Identification, Students who did not make 1st 9 weeks goals

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We Have Only 9 Staff Members that Paid Sunshine Dues. Please Pay Friday!

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Staff Absences, Tardies, Leave During the Day, Time Clock

We have had times recently where classes and duties haven't been covered because the office did not know the person was out.

If you are going to be out:

  • Put in a TIME CLOCK request
  • Staff who get subs-put it in AESOP
  • The earlier you put in an absence, the better the chance it gets covered.
  • Evelyn puts the information on Walker's calendar so we can make sure classes are covered.
  • If it is last minute, text Walker at 903-738-6908 after 6:00 am so she can get coverage.

Coverage for Pre K Classrooms:

When a Pre K staff member is absent, we will send in help from 8:45-9:45 and 11:00-12:00. This will cover lunches and some instruction time.

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Nature Walk

We currently have a high chance of rain on November 8. We will get a schedule out on Wednesday at common planning based on the rain chances.

Walker is gathering materials this week to create outdoor STEAM projects:

  • Leaves
  • Acorns
  • Pinecones
  • Small stick
  • Pine Straw

Boxes will be in Room 13 on Monday to choose from.

Links you need

Primary Calendar of Events

Check this every week so you can keep up with events. Click on links to see attachments.

Primary Staff Notebook

This has just about everything you need! This is a new version for the 2019-2020 school year.

Professional Development Opportunities

Teacher to Teacher Observation

You must complete one a semester.

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