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From the Costume Department, PLEASE READ

The theater bug has bitten. By Friday, many of the children had memorized most of their lines and had an excellent grip on a few of the musical numbers for the play. Homework for next week will be to keep working hard on their lines and lyrics. I can see the shape of the performance beginning to develop and there is great enthusiasm during practice! We need your help with costumes (ask your child what his/her part is and see suggestions below). They should be basic costumes because very elaborate outfits will look out of place. Please be the point person for your own child's costume. A group of characters (Monks, Damsels, etc.) could get together to work on getting similar items. We will have a set decorating session after school one day, TBD. THANK YOU for your support and creativity! Our time period is the Middle Ages, with a twist. We also need a children's set of golf clubs and a giant spoon if anyone has that. Please let me know if you can provide any items.

  • TROUBADOR: Leggings, tunic, boots, hat with feather.
  • SORCERER: Merlin-style "robe," tall hat, wand.
  • SORCERER'S APPRENTICES: Similar robes to sorcerer.
  • KNIGHTS DANCELOT & GWENDOLYN: Knight outfit (not black), tunic, leggings, boots, chest plate of "armor"?
  • ALCHEMIST: Medieval scientist "robe" (with pocket protector?), glasses.
  • ALCHEMIST'S ASSISTANT: Scientist robe, bag for potions.
  • BLACK KNIGHT: Black tunic, chest plate or something similar, leggings, boots (Darth Vader cape?)
  • SQUIRES: Black tunic, chest plate, leggings, boots.
  • DAMSELS: Party dress, cone hat with veil to match dress.
  • ABBOT & MONKS: Plain gray hooded sweatshirts/pants, gray tunic, rope belt, sandals or crocs.
  • DRAGONS: Green shirts/pants/baseball hats for dragon eyes on top (I've heard rumors of 1 dragon costume floating around LS, so let me check).
  • VILLAGERS: Medieval villager outfits, be creative! Burlap? Vests? Aprons?

More details and prop requests to come. Please let me know if you have any problems with finding or creating a costume and we will work on it. Stay warm!

Mrs. Nyce, Director

Rex Smith-Cummings, Assistant Director