Pennsylvania is my Dream Vacation

Pennsylvania Facts:

  • My dream vacation is Pennsylvania.
  • My destination is located in the middle Atlantic region of United States.
  • I want to visit this place because its special to me.
  • This destination is great because i love it.
  • 10 interesting facts about my place is that its nice,pretty,amazing and other fun stuff.


  • To go to my destination it will take 22 h and 52 min.
  • How far my destination is the same as how long it takes to get there.
  • I will go with my friend Arlette.
  • I may take an airplane on my way over there.
  • I might stay on Pennsylvania for about 2 weeks.


  • I will stay on a hotel.
  • If i go to Pennsylvania ill take important stuff such as clothes,shoes,undies,socks,towels,and more.
  • I will prepare my bags.
  • Same goes to my friend Arlette.
  • When were ready we will head over to Pennsylvania.


  • On a cheap airplane my trip will cost $78.
  • My lodging on a hotel will be $82.
  • Spending money on details like on stores will be a little expensive.
  • On food it'll depend on how much is their meals over there.
  • On my travel it'll be $78.
  • Im not going to waste gas so im going on an airplane.


  • Things that i'll do while im over over there is to fun places.
  • Things to do there is go to water parks,crafting,fair,get on boats, and more.
  • Me and my friend will go to all the fun places we can find.

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