Digital Reputation

Why you should be safe and choose the legit way

When you download a movie or song on an illegal website did you know that you are pirating ? This is not the arghh me hiteee pirate but the illegal and going to get fined lots pirating.
Each year, about 53 billion, yes i said it, 53 billion people visit pirating websites a YEAR. That number is huge and is increasing. Why do people do it though? Is it that they don't want to use then money and buy the copyrighted thing or they just copy their friends to stay 'cool'.

Warn Your friends

If you know someone who pirates, tell them that they are not the only one going to be fined. They now have technology that can track down who has been pirating in a street and watch out, it could be you.
How Hard is it to Get Caught Pirating?