Dazzler Team News Update

February 2016

2016 we're coming to get you

Well Dazzling Darling gals this is it, the new year has well and truly started with a resounding success. So many of you attended the January Jamboree which was the most fabulous time and thank you for the feedback telling me how much you enjoyed the training from your peers, the brainstorming from your tables and the joy that a room full of Dazzlers can bring. The news from HO about the Sunnies coming into our summer line was met with great excitement and I am so thrilled that 20 Dazzlers earned the Parker Sunnies for free. I can tell you (sneak spill) that there will be three pairs of Sunnies in total in two colour ways each so we will have a Wayfarer style and a Rayban style.

I addition we had some top Dazzlers in the charts for January and I have pics of the leader boards for you below.

I would love to welcome the 50 new stylists we had join the overall team in January, how exciting and just know how happy and delighted we are to have you


Meet Ups

2016 strategy

So we enter this year with a slight change to our meet up strategy. In discussion with HO about best practices and moving ever forward this is how the year's meetings will pan out

January Seasons' Premier

February Meet Up Mixer

March Home team Get Together

April Seasons' Premier

May Meet Up Mixer

June Home team Get Together

July Seasons' Premier

August Meet Up Mixer

September Home team Get Together

October Seasons' Premier

November Meet Up Mixer

December Home team Get Together

These meetings will be as local to you as they feasibly and in the case of the Seasons Premiers, Dazzler run ones will be in Leeds, Basingstoke, Bristol and Kent and hopefully Dublin. Of course the Events tab on the main UK website is full of other teams meetings and in the spirit of S&D we always welcome gals from other teams just as you would be welcome as someone else's meeting.

It is entirely your call whether you chose to attend a meeting and to travel to it should that be necessary . Clearly we cannot be everywhere BUT I can tell you that your attendance is vital to any meet up.

If you are down then you need the meeting and if you are up then the meeting needs you.

All successful gals make the effort to go to a meet up once a month and there are a lot to choose from

Glam Getaway

You will now be fully aware that Glam Getaway next March is to Mauritius. If you haven't already then take a look at all the details on the lounge and also the tracker and calculator which will help you both plan and track your progress. Ok I'll level with you .... it isn't a walk in the park!!! but can you earn it, sure you can. Every single person irrespective of position and title starts with zero, no privileges!! There are three levels and the first one needing 30,000 points is an exclusive real gold and diamond necklace!!! So why on earth would our designers spend time creating a Fine Jewellery piece, we don't sell fine jewellery ..... or might we??? Well you will have to see but I can promise you that there are some amazingly exciting developments for us this year.

Learnings from Directors Summit

A very condensed summary of 72 hours of joy, motivation, inspiration, challenges and training.

Mindset. Instead of saying I'm not good at something you say I'm not great at something YET

Create a Vision board using the present tense so not I hope to ... but I am ( see above I'm sharing mine for you albeit its personal

Understand that its a physiological fact that you cannot feel fear and excited at the same time. Its one or the other in which case why not choose excitement.

Acting with Good Intentions is nice but it won't get you anywhere. You have to act with Intentionality. In other words, Your Want, Your Why, Your Plan and then actions with intentionality.

Make yourself accountable to someone, your upline, your nearest upline leader, a colleague a pacing partner BUT SOMEONE