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Lesser Known Features of Google Calendar!


Maybe you're a Google Calendar user, or maybe you aren't. Either way, there are several features that make this a very valuable tool. The flexibility and collaboration aspect of Calendar catapults it in front of Microsoft Outlook for ease of use. Whether you're using the desktop or mobile app version, events can still be created, but the following features are what makes this such a valuable tool to have.

Google Hangout Automatic Setup

Each event you create automatically creates a Google Hangout. This can prove very beneficial if you'd like to meet virtually instead of in person. This rids districts and companies of travel costs if you're meeting several hundred miles away. Once your event is created, the complete Hangout information is available for you to share with attendees. But, on the flip side, if you're not interested in hosting a meeting remotely, you can simply ignore this option as you're scheduling.

The Quick Add Feature

This is meant to be used if you would like to quickly add something to your calendar. It saves you the time from adding all of the information that the regular “Create” screen provides. This can be down by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the Create button. An example of this may be "Birthday party Saturday from 4:00 - 5:00" and Google Calendar will automatically create the event for you based on that tiny amount of information.

Day Notes / Day Events

These are similar to a “Quick Add,” but are more ideal for reminders of birthdays, anniversaries, or upcoming events to attend. Day Notes: If you’d like to input a birthday or date of importance that may not be worthy of an “event,” then simply click in the box above the date to add a Day Note or Event.

Google Calendar Labs!

This is an awesome built-in feature of Google Calendar. Labs are experimental features that Google wants to see if you’d like them to be a part of the regular Calendar functionality. You are free to enable as many or few Labs as you’d like, but please note, they may disappear at any moment depending on functionality and popularity. If you'd like to check out what Labs are available, click on the gear in the upper right hand corner to access them. Once they're enabled, you're set to begin using them!

Other Calendars

Other Calendars: Easily the coolest feature of Calendar, this allows you to add calendars of sports teams or other favorites into your own calendar! I am a huge Chicago Blackhawks fan (since the early 90's - I've lived through some rough seasons!) and it's terrific having their games appear on my calendar so I can make sure I don't miss a game. You can do this for several different teams and sports (even rugby!). Just click the drop down arrow next to "Other Calendars" and subscribe away (for free, of course) to any sports team or any other calendar you find interesting!

Enjoy your Spring Break!

Since we've (almost) reached our Spring Break, you can now use these features to make your Google Calendar experience an efficient one. However, with break approaching, may your calendar be empty and your worries be small while you enjoy some time off!

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