5 Ways for Families to be Involved

1. Inviting families into the school is a great way for the families to get to know the teacher and classroom. Families are welcomed to help in the classroom with activities or go on field trips to help supervise. This is a good way for not only for the families to get to know the teachers but for the teachers get to know the families as well.

2.Communicating with families is very important. Having regular family conferences will help keep the families involved by letting them know how their child is doing.

3. Families are invited into the school for all kinds of different social events. Some of those event can be things like muffins with moms or donuts with dads. Some other things can be a daddy daughter dance, mom and son movie night, truck-or-treat, all kinds of different holiday parties. There are so many different social events you can have so your families can get involved and get them involved in their child’s life and school.

4. We are bulletin boards around the school with important information up for families to see. We have anything up here that the families in our school can find useful such as; safety tips for car seats, recall information on toys or other things, and/or classes that families can take. We even put up events that are going on in the community so you can take your children to them.

5. Families are welcome to a staff meeting (must request it to your child's teacher) so they can really see what is going on in their child’s school.

Questions, Comments, Concerns

If you have any question feel free to contact your child's teacher. Have a great day!