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Texas Dyslexia Identification Academy: Dyslexia Foundations

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PK-12 Texas Dyslexia Academy Required Training


Texas Dyslexia Identification Academy: Dyslexia Foundations training is required if you have a student in your class identified with dyslexia. The course is provided through TEA's Texas Gateway platform. It is currently listed as 6 credit hours. All HISD PK-12 certified staff are required to participate in this online course. This course can be taken in your classroom and completed by the end of the school day. Search for R10Dyslexia to find the course or scroll through the options.

The information presented during this foundational module course of the Texas Dyslexia Identification Academy will explore the elements of reading, what dyslexia is and is not, and the process for dyslexia evaluation. The primary resource referenced throughout the course is The Dyslexia Handbook—Revised 2014: Procedures Concerning Dyslexia and Related Disorders. This handbook and handouts will be provided and can be picked up at the campus secretaries desk. Upon completion of the 6 hour course, turn in all materials to the campus secretary along with the certificate of completion.

When do I take this course?

You can take it on the day it is scheduled due to materials needed to reference throughout the course are shared from campus to campus.

Sign In/Out Sheets

Please make sure you sign in when you pick up your materials from your campus secretary and sign out when you bring all of your materials back to the secretary.

Place your certificate of completion in the yellow envelope.


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