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ARE Media Center News - September 2015

Circulation Reminders

  • There is a new CHECK IN station in the media center! Please scan any books you are returning on the computer right above "AL the Alligator" before putting them in the return slot.
  • Students in 1st-3rd grades may come to exchange their books in the morning between 8:45-9:15 any day of the week (please do not send more than 4 students at a time).
  • In the morning all students MUST report to their class first and ask permission to visit the media center. Please have them bring a Library Pass with them so we know they have permission. If you need library passes, email me, and I'll put some in your mailbox.
  • Students in 4th & 5th grade may come at any time of any day to exchange their books (as long as they have permission from you and bring a pass with them).
  • 1st - 5th Grade - If you have media scheduled for the day please have your students bring the books they want to return with them to class. We'll allow time for check in at the beginning of class and time for check out at the end of class.
  • Teachers, you may sign up for a time slot to bring your whole class to exchange books by visiting our website (http://aresmedia.weebly.com/media-center-sign-up.html), clicking on Circulation, and selecting a time.

Kindergarten Teachers

  • Students in Kindergarten will begin checking out books in the 2nd quarter (starting October 1st).
  • In order to make this possible we are asking that the TA stay with their class during the month of October to assist with the check out process. In order to check out a book the students needs to know how to use the correct side of the mouse, type their first name, recognize their name in a list, scan the correct barcode, click reset, etc. This is a huge process for these little ones and they need a lot of assistance.
  • After their first class in October, Kinder classes will check out new books each time they come to media for their lesson. We will teach them how to check in their old books and check out new books. Please have students bring their library books with them to class (do not send the books up in the morning).
  • Thanks so much for your assistance with this. Also, we appreciate you making sure students bring their name tags and visiting the bathrooms prior to Media.

Book Bingo FAQs

  • Students must read 5 different books - one book for each square they color in
  • When the board is completed they may bring it to the media center to get a small prize
  • Students may complete more than one bingo sheet (for fun) but will only receive a prize for the 1st one
  • They have until November 30th to complete the sheet

Library Books Over Track Out

The official media center policy is that students ARE allowed to take books home over track out. If you would prefer to have all books returned before track out, that is fine. We just wanted to share the "official" policy. :)

NC Wise Owl

If you are not familiar with it, or always forget we have it, NC Wise Owl is AWESOME!

This site is free for any student, teacher, or parent in North Carolina and gives you access to some great FREE resources. If you or your students are at school there is no login needed. At home the password is wiseowl15. Each month we'll highlight one of the resources found at www.ncwiseowl.org.

This month's spotlight is on.... Britannica!

When you or your students click on the Britannica button you have instant access to an entire encyclopedia! That's not all though! You will also find media, a world atlas, a section where you can compare two countries, an animal kingdom section, a section to tour the USA, learning games and a geography explorer!

Resource of the Month!

Scholastic Book Wizard!

This website allows you, your students, parents, etc. to look up any book and see it's reading level. You can also look up books that are similar to other books (this is really helpful for students that get stuck on one series) and look up books by a particular level! They do not have Mclass levels but they do have Guided Reading levels which are very similar. There is also an app! Check out the image below with more details about the app.

Big image

Did you know...

Did you know there are Flip Cameras and Digital Cameras available for check out? Well there are! Stop by the media center to check one out today!