Person Against Society Conflict


The protagonist struggles against the values, morals, and/or condition of the society in which he or she lives.


The protagonist lives a lifestyle that is different from the lifestyle that his or her society says they should live.


The purpose of person against society is to show the flaws in the protagonist's society, like a corrupt government or laws that conflict with the protagonist's morals and beliefs.

Literary Example

In "The Odyssey", Odysseus returns home to find his palace overran with men trying to marry his wife to gain power. Although he wants to get rid of them, he can't make himself obvious or else the suitors would try to kill him. This is an example of person against society because if people find out that Odysseus still lives, he will be murdered.

Another Literary Example

Another example of person against society is how Jesus spoke out against the laws and customs of the Jews in the Bible. One of the reasons he spoke out against them because they cared more about their laws, traditions, and material value than obeying God.

Movie Example

In the movie "The Patriot", Mel Gibson plays a farmer named Benjamin Martin who is fighting against the British Army during the American Revolution to gain America's Independence. This is an example of person against society because the protagonist is fighting the government which he believes is evil.