Earn a $50 rebate of your Jamberry Nails Consultant Kit!

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Join today and change your life!

July 2013 ONLY! New consultants can earn a $50 rebate on your kit. Host your own in home or Facebook virtual party and earn up to half off with kit credit. With both of these great offers combined you could potentially get your kit free! That's right, you can start a business for FREE! Contact me if you would like more info on becoming a consultant and join the Jamberry Nails revolution!

Jamberry nails is an incredible, life changing opportunity! Ask yourself what you need. Pay Bills? Extra money for your kids Dance lessons? Mortgage Payments? How could an extra $100, $200, $500 or more help you achieve those needs and goals?

I'm here to help you! During the month of July, Jamberry is offering a $50 rebate on all starter kits for those consultants who reach their first fast start (super easy and I'll work with you to ensure you get it).

Becoming a Jamberry Nails Consultant has been the best decision I have ever made! For the first time in my life my family has financial stability and freedom! I am more confident than ever before! If you are interested in joining my team PLEASE contact me and start changing your life today!

Angela Lynch, , Jamberry Nails Independant Senior Lead Consultant

When I joined Jamberry I would never have even believed the AMAZING possibilities that it would bring and doors that it would open! In my first month as a consultant I promoted 4 times!! As the wife of a disabled veteran, Jamberry nails has given me opportunities beyond my wildest dreams! I am blessed to work for a company and lead a team that is growing every day-- and we are still on the ground floor level!