" After the DRA!!!!"

Let's get into it and analyze our findings.

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Goals Today

  • Analyze student data beyond the level
  • Grouping
  • Planning Instruction
  • Create a goal for yourself for guided reading and dynamic grouping

Now and Later

Guided Reading Reflection

Finish this sentence stem and put it on an index card. Then share it with your team.

Guided Reading is like___________________ because_______________________________.

Guided Reading; The Romance and the Reality Fountas & Pinnell

" Teachers need to become expert in forming and reforming groups to allow for the differences in learning that are evident in students."

Think About????

  • According to Pinnell (2006) Small group guided reading instruction is essential to maximizing students' growth as readers. Talk to your group what is this telling you or mean to you?
  • Fountas & Pinnell (2012) There is a difference between implementing parts of a guided reading lesson and using guided reading to bring readers from where they are to as far as the teaching can take them in a given school year. How can we ensure that no matter what level a student is at now we can show progress in their reading power?
  • The Systems of Strategic Action wheel shows three big areas of learning that act simultaneously in the reader's head. (pg 273-274) As you look at this wheel reflect on how you observe these processing behaviors in efficient readers and how you detect inefficient reading.


  1. First sort DRA by level.
  2. What is holding them at their instructional level? Miscues, fluency, and/or comprehension? (MSV)
  3. Reform groups based on level but separate further based on instructional needs.
  4. What are the implications for instruction for each group? How will you select your text?
  5. Use the Systems of Strategic Actions and Figure 19 for planning guided reading lessons.