Nuclear Fusion

Lauren Little

New Discovery!

Today is December 11, 2015. My name is Lauren Little and my scientist at my lab and I have discovered a way to harness nuclear fusion to create energy using cold fusion. Which is where a nuclear reaction of to nuclear atoms fuse together to create energy occurring at a room temperature creating nuclear byproducts.

Fusion vs. Fission

Nuclear fusion is much different from nuclear fission in that nuclear fission is two atoms separating to create energy and nuclear fusion is two atoms combining to create energy. Nuclear fusion also creates much larger amounts of energy than nuclear fission.

Safety concerns and precautions

Some safety concerns and precaution include the possibility of a fuel melt down,
radioactive waste, and the possible release of tritium.

Economic Impact

With this new discovery there will be many huge economic impacts such as:
No energy limitations, full access without an excess of greenhouse gases
Much cheaper
This would lead to cheaper cost of energy
More people would be able to afford/access energy