National Organization For Women

NOW vs Scheidler

What Happened?

A Washington state feminist based organization called NOW (National organization for Women) filed a lawsuit against Joseph Scheidler. The feminist organization filed a lawsuit against Scheidler due to clinic violence. Scheidler and his activist group were mistreating women who received consultations from abortion clinics, and the doctors and staff of abortion clinics. The first physical and violent offense by Scheidler and the rest of the activist act Rico committed were in the mid-1960s. Although the first trial didn't begin until 1995 and ended in 2012. In 1994, NOW was given the right by the Supreme Court to take Scheidler to Federal Court. In 1998, there was a seven-week trial in Federal Court in Chicago.The jury trial found Scheidler guilty. After Scheidler was found guilty the court found 122 violations against Scheidler. According to, the attackers of the abortion clinics were identified as, "corrupted act (Rico)". The act mainly targeted facilities in Delaware and other facilities in the country. Another quote I found from is, "In the court's 8-0 decision ushers in a return to clinic violence in the United States, NOW stands ready to fight every jurisdiction." This quote represents how determined NOW was to fight against Rico and Scheidler and end clinic violence.

Research Question

What side do you agree with: Pro-life or Pro-abortion?

Women's rights are taken in many ways. Not allowing them to receive consultation from abortion facilities is one of them. If a women is not ready to have a baby, not comfortable with pregnancy, or does not want have a pregnancy, should not be forced to if she does not wish to be. I respect the message that pro-life is trying to send out, but I don't respect the way they send it out. I think Joseph Scheidler and pro-life is hypocritical, because they want to stop abort but they sent out death threats, and they caused 8 deaths. The way women and staff were treated by pro-life activists was unacceptable.


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OPVL:The origin of this source is is This adds value to the research, because it made it easier to understand what is was that I wanted to learn about. The purpose for this source was to learn about what this organization does for women and it's experience during trial against Scheidler. It creates value because I was able to read documents from the case.

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The origin of this source is This adds value to research, because I learned about how the activists took action. The value to this research made it easier to understand really know what Pro-Life activist's intentions were. The purpose of this source was to find out why they wanted to close down abortion facilities. It creates value because the source really showed the ignorance that the activists were creating.

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The origin of is This adds value to research, because I learned more about what happened during the court trials. The purpose of this research was to learn more about the time period of the trial, and about the consequences of the court trials. It creates value because the source showed what happened after the case was over.