Eminem The Way I Am

Marshall B. Mathers

"The Biggest Rapper In History"

Marshall B. Mathers AKA Eminem knew he wanted to be a prominent rapper when he was about 14. He was born in 1972 in Saint Joseph, Missouri. When he was twelve years old, he moved with his mother to Detroit, where he grew up. Marshalls mother was destitute for money. He used to steal fabric paint and designed whatever designe someone wanted on their clothing to get exta change in his pocket. He started to rap with his best friend Proof. Proof was always there for Marshall, getting him ahead and getting him gigs to rap at. Eminem would have rap contests with other kids at lunch, and of course always win. Proof got shot in 2006, and Marshall could barley get out of his basement for almost a year. He had a tough life growing up and trys to show it in his verses. He always wanted to inpire others for being real with what he says. His first album he can out with was Infinite in 1996, which was onlly really known in the Detroit area. Slim Shady LP , that came out in 1998 was when his career finally took off, and the rest is history.

Hayden McGlauflin


prominent- Well known

rapper- rhyming, fast style of music

destitute- Desperate

gigs- shows

verses- lyrics to a song