Kindergarten Connection

April/May 2022

Our Learnings

Phonemic Awareness/Phonics:

  • identify words and syllables
  • produce rhymes
  • segment multisyllabic words
  • identify beginning/ending sounds
  • blend/segment sounds for one syllable words
  • accurate finger pointing

Oral Language:

  • Review previously taught skills


  • Review previously taught skills
  • Beginning comprehension: identify characters and setting, retell a story using transitional words (first, next, then, after that, finally)
  • Identify fiction and nonfiction text
  • Continue researching as class using a variety of sources


  • All about calendar (ongoing skill)
  • Graphing (ongoing skill)
  • Students will continue work with numbers 0-20, count to 100 by 1's and 10's
  • Decomposing numbers using part-part-whole to build fluency to 10
  • Coins- penny equivalency to a nickel, dime, and quarter
  • Subtraction within 5

Social Studies:

  • Then and Now- learning about the past and present, holidays (MLK, President's, Independence), Frederick Douglass, John Handley, and Apple Blossom
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- learning ways we can take care of our Earth, natural resources, and creating a recycling center within the school

Note: Interventions and extensions are being provided daily within the classroom to best meet the needs of students.


  • Please make sure you are connected to Remind for communication. You can use it online or download the app on your phone. Contact your child's teacher if you need support connecting.

  • In the event of a transportation change, please send in a note with your child. You can place it in their red folder. If you need to make a change while your child is at school, please call the school office as well as send the teacher a Remind message. Per the handbook, notification is to be given to the office and the teacher.

  • Send a water bottle to school every day. Children can refill them as needed.

  • Make sure your child knows how to take care of themselves: when using the restroom, tying their shoes, zipping/buttoning jackets/coats. Practice at home every day!

  • When packing lunches, please make sure your child can open all of the packages and/or containers that are in their lunchbox. This will ensure they get plenty of time to eat. Please reinforce good manners and cleaning up after themselves at home!

  • Please reinforce learning at home. Talk with your child about what they are learning. Practice letters and their sounds, spelling three letters words (i.e. wet, wig, cot) and numbers with your child daily. This can be through car rides, cooking at home, and/or family games. Thank you!

  • As the weather warms up, we see an increase in unwanted behaviors. Please speak with your child about making good choices in school and being respectful towards adults.


  • Friday, April 8- in school Easter Egg Hunt
  • Spring Break- April 11-15 (No School)
  • Tuesday, April 26- Discovery Museum Field Trip (Clemons, Ohs, and Saupp classes)
  • Thursday, April 28- Early Dismissal
  • Friday, April 29- Apple Blossom Holiday (No School)
  • Tuesday, May 3- Discovery Museum Field Trip (Lark-Rickard, Sardelis, and Fortune classes)
  • Friday, May 27- Career Day for grades K-2
  • Monday, May 30- Memorial Day Holiday (No School)