New Orleans Saints

The who dat Nation!!!

Team Information


United States


New Orleans

29.966 N & 90.0500 W


Parisian, French, and English

-The World Famous "Marty Gras" is celebrated in New Orleans

-Louisiana was named in honor of King Louis XIV

-The Super Dome is located in New Orleans

-Mississippi River

-Gulf of Mexico

-Lake Pontchartrain

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Team Mascot

Gumbo and Sir Saint

Black and Gold, The Who Dat Nation, The Bayou Boys

Gumbo is the name of one of the mascots. People eat gumbo in New Orleans

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Founder- John W. Mecum Jr. and David Dixon

David Dixon -business man their that wanted a New Orleans football team

Gumbo is a food that they love to eat


Super Dome

The Super Dome got its name because it is the biggest dome in the world

Mercedes Benz bought its name into the Super dome name

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