How are they similar?

Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were very similar. Most people believe that Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin are much more different than they actually are. Hitler and Stalin both were jailed. Hitler and Stalin were actually friends at first. They both actually did not start out as the leaders of their countries. Hitler even started out as a low ranking messenger in the Nazi party. Neither Hitler or Stalin were very rich growing up. Both were considered great by some people and terrible by others. Both leaders were on each other's side at first. Hitler and Stalin both murdered millions of people. Stalin and Hitler were surprisingly similar in a lot of ways.

How are they different?

Hitler and Stalin are Known to be very different. Hitler was defeated by Stalin in World War 2. Joseph Stalin was a very heavy smoker, and Adolf Hitler was extremely against smoking. Hitler even disliked people that smoked. From 1939 to 1945, Hitler atemeted to exterminate all Jews from Europe. Stalin was against exterminating Jews, he wanted to keep Jews as he felt that Jews were just regular people. Stalin became a leader very quickly. Hitler never even rose above the rank of corporal. Hitler would never visit the cities that he bombed. He felt that they were too dirty for him and he didn't have the time to visit them. Stalin did visit bombed out cities, but only the ones in Russia. Stalin was the leader of Russia already, however by January 30, 1933, Hitler became the chancellor of Germany. Hitler was awarded the Iron Cross for his great display of bravery. Stalin was never awarded with anything in his tenure as leader of Russia. Hitler was much more loved by his country. Stalin's country, Russia, did not like him because he killed millions of Russians. Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler were very different in their style of leading.

Here are some pictures to help better your understanding

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Jews being sent to a gas chamber in Auschwitz, Poland

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Hitler gathering with Nazi soldiers