Zebra Forest By:Adina Rishe Gewirtz

By: Ainsley Cua 3rd Block


This book takes place during fall and a modern setting. The leaves are falling. Annie said she loves when it's fall because the "Zebra" looks so beautiful. Andrew Snow said he always wanted to see what it was like in the fall. It has a good impact on the story.


Annie and Rew are playing outside and Annie is reading Treasure Island. Then they play a card game and they fall asleep. Annie wakes up and sees there is a strange man. Then, like anyone would have done, she screamed as loud as she could. Rew wakes up and screams too because his sister was screaming. Gran, their grandma, is getting up to see what is going on. Annie is half suffocated and the strange man lets go and says "I am going to be staying here for awhile and no one is leaving this house."
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Rising Action

Step 1. Andrew said Gran was his mom so that meant Annie was his daughter and Rew was his son. Rew did not like the sound of that so he ran to his room and cried. Andrew started to yell at Gran and she plugged her ears and ran to her room.

Step 2. Andrew sits by the door all day and all night. Rew tries to brake the lock with a knife but Andrew caught him.

Step 3. Rew got so angry he ripped Treasure Island his favorite book.

Step 4. Andrew went to jail because of his anger and Rew has the same problem.

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Andrew is letting Annie go to the store and buy groceries. Rew sneaks a letter in Annie's pocket to put in the mail for the police to arrest Andrew Snow, but Annie doesn't mail it. Rew is still angry at Andrew because he wants Andrew out of their house.
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Annie is small. She is in 2nd grade. Annie is Rew's older sister. Annie reads to him to calm him down. She loves the book Treasure Island. She knows how to make dinner because her Gran taught her how to do it. This is what Annie would look like if she was real.

Falling Action

Step 1. Andrew said that Annie and Rew's mom did not like the sound of a crying baby, so one night she went to her favorite bar and danced with someone else. Andrew got mad and killed him by smacking him against the ground.

Step 2. Andrew said that Annie looks so much like her mother and Rew looks like Andrew and acts like Andrew.

Step 3. Andrew let the door open at night and Rew ran out into the dark forest. Annie ran out to catch him but she was to late so they all ran out to find him. They were out there for hours. Annie ran home to change and Rew found Gran hurt and he helped her. Then they all got home safely.

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Rew has red hair. He is in kindergarten. He loves when Annie reads to him because it is what calms him down and he loves reading stories. He has anger problems. He often destroyed the house when he was little. This is what he would look like if he was real.


Andrew said he is going back to jail because it is the right thing to do. Annie and Rew start school and visit Andrew every week. Now Rew likes his dad. Andrew gets out of jail in 3 years and lives with Gran, Annie, and Rew. Everyone is happy now.
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He has anger problems but while in jail he works on improving himself. He is Annie's and Rew's dad. He is not a bad guy. This is what he would look like if he was real.

Zebra Forest

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