Types of Stressors

1.Chronic Stressors- these are long term stressful situations that have no resolution in sight.

2. Acute Stressors- these are short term stressors that will soon be resolved.

3. Personal or Non Personal Stressors- these stressors are caused by things that cannot be controlled.

4. Trigger Stressors- these are reminders of past stress that produce a new stress response.

5.Daily Hassels- which include, weight, money or family can put additional stress on your life.

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Benefits and Consequences of stress

Some Benefits of stress

  • Stress increases focus
  • Boosts brain power by releasing adrenaline
  • it motivates you to succeed

Some Consequences of stress

  • Anxiety
  • You get burnt out
  • Weight loss/gain
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Signs and Symptoms of stress

Some signs and symptoms of Stress are;

  • headache
  • upset stomach
  • chest pain
  • frequent cold or infections
  • Insomnia

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary prevention of stress

Primary Prevention of Stress

  • lifestyle management
  • participation in self improvement
Secondary Prevention of Stress:

  • get involved in programs that are interesting to you
  • get involved in group or club activities
Tertiary Prevention of Stress

  • Counseling
  • Medical care or treatment

Defense Mechanisms of Stress

  • Acting out
  • Repression
  • Denial

Stress Management Techniques

  • relaxation
  • exercise
  • spending time with your loved ones
  • getting into hobbies