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May 2, 2016

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Students worked on a crossword where they had to match the state name with the correct state abbreviation. If they had time afterwards, they were challenged to design new playground equipment for all of the elementary grades to use during recess.


Students took a math fluency quiz with multiplying 10's and 11's and then continued working on their Minecraft projects. They finished building their individual suspension bridge and videotaped a description of it using Screencastify. You can view their videos on our YouTube channel at

Students who uploaded their videos were challenged to build a new suspension bridge working as a construction team together on the same server. They had to merge their ideas and work around each other on their computer screens. They practiced their teamwork skills as they communicated and cooperated on this bridge building challenge.

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Social Studies and Coding

Mrs. Bonner's substitute, Ms. Neufeld, did a great job giving the students a test over the 50 states and assisting them on Scratch during Coding class!

Lunchtime at IMPACT

Performing Arts

Students continued to write scripts for their puppet plays which will be performed for Kindergartners next week! They did a fantastic job rehearsing in front of their peers today!

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