Water is in the Air!

We all need water!

Let Me Explain...

Water is apart of everyday life. Everyone needs water! Maybe I should break it down a bit more.... Water helps you stay hydrated! This may seem dumb and not really interesting, but if you really think about it. If we didn't have water, we wouldn't be on this earth today. Sounds crazy, right? No, I am not over exaggerating either. People can go about six weeks without food, but only a couple days without water.

Little More About Water

How does water help us??

Well first thing first, water breaks down food into nutrients before passing them through the bloodstream. Blood which is mostly water helps carry oxygen through the body also. Water also helps cushion joints, which protects them from shock. Helping your eyes, mouth, nose and even skin from drying out. Water also helps filter out all of the waste in the body. You know when you exercise, and you begin to sweat and people tell you to drink water, well that is a smart thing. When you sweat you begin to release electrolytes, by drinking water you are able to return those electrolytes, and have all of your nutrients you need while exercising.
Water Water Water

Water lives in your body!!!