Hugo Chávez

By: Hannah Leberman and Sara ChaBOTTA

Hugo Rafael Chávez Frias

  • Born: July 28, 1954
  • Death: March 5, 2013 (58 Years Old)
  • Hugo was born into a working class family in Sabaneta, Barinas, Venezuela
  • Hugo Chávez attended the Venezuelan Military academy as an army officer
  • Chávez graduated in 1975 with a degree in military arts and science.
  • He went on to serve as an officer in an army paratrooper unit.
  • Chávez participated in an effort to overthrow the government in 1992, for which he was sentenced to two years in prison.
  • He then started the movement of the Fifth Republic, a revolutionary political party.
  • Chávez ran for president in 1998, campaigning against government corruption and promising economics reforms.
  • After taking office in 1999, Chávez set out to change the Venezuelan constitution, amending the powers of congress and the judicial system.
  • His efforts to tighten his hold on the state-run oil company in 2002 stirred up controversy and led to numerous protests, and he found himself removed from power briefly in April 2002 by military leaders.
  • Chávez was known for being outspoken and dogmatic throughout his presidency.
  • He insulted oil executives, church officials and other world leaders, and was particularly hostile with the United States government.
  • He believed, the U.S. was responsible for the failed 2002 coup against him.

"The left is back, and it aposes the only path we have to get out of the spot to which the right has sunken us. Socialism builds and capitalism destroys."– Hugo Chávez

Main Chávez Video

How to talk to a liberal about Hugo Chavez's Death

Video Analysis

This video shows how Chávez manipulated the people of Venezuela to believe that everything he did was good and for the people by controlling what the people saw and knew about his actions. The Venezuelan people think he stood up for them when he stood up to the rich oil companies but everyone else knows that thats why the standard of living has plummeted during his reign. Also the conditions for the poor have been insufferable. Chávez controls the media and only allows the people to know what will make him look better. That is why Chávez throws people who say anything against him jail. They think that he has been a great leader but no one wants to live there because it is filled with poor people.

Second Chávez Video

Hugo Chavez How liberals mourned his death

Chávez Political Cartoon

Political Cartoon

This drawing show how Hugo Chávez was willing to do anything to anyone to control everything. Chávez put the people of Venezuela into such a state of dependence to make it so he was the only thing keeping them alive. Although he was the one to put them in this state he has twisted the news and reality of the people to make seem as if he is the savior not the damner. Chávez has been nationalizing all of the oil companies he can get his hands on to control trade and government. The Venezuelans see this action of helping the economy of Venezuela, while every one else see is as him control more and more each day. In doing this Chávez reduced the standard of living for the poor and as seen in the cartoon above Chávez has his foot over everything. This represents his dictatorship and control.

Essential Question

Hugo Chávez was an extremely polarizing figure throughout Latin America and the world. But was Chávez a hero to the United States as he was seen in Venezuela?

Short Chávez Clip

Stupid Chavez