Women in the 1700's

Important Figures, Impacts, and Events

Jobs For Women

In the 1700's, almost all women stayed at home, being housewives, and tending to many household needs. Some tasks they accomplished were doing dishes by hand, doing laundry with a washboard, milking a goat/cow, taking care of children, dusting the house, preparing meals, and much, much more. Men were the ones who made the money, got the jobs, and controlled the house/family. When it came to men and women, males were higher, and had all power over them.

Women's Clothing Style

Daily Fashion

Women in the 1700's were dressy and proper. They did not show much skin on their legs, used make-up, expressed jewelry, and wore dresses frequently. The types of dresses they wore were long, colored, and puffed out at the bottom section (from about the waist down). They didn't speak much in public and were classy with their actions and also their outfits displayed their classiness and politeness.

By: Chloe T.