October 2015

Great Things are Happening at Riderwood!

We made it through September, and the School Progress Plan is written!

Teacher Development Plans are also written! Don't forget, if you would like help with fulfilling your Teacher Development Plan, please let me know! I'd be happy to provide ideas/assistance.

SLOs are in progress! Please contact me if you would like any help in planning and writing your SLOs.

Learning Walks are evidence of Domain 4, so we are adding to our professional learning already.

Digital Learning University

Here is a link to the list of Workshops offered for Fall 2015:

DLU Workshop Modules

Highlighted Offerings this week from Digital Learning University:

DLU Workshops Oct 13 & 14

Oct 13- VoiceThread at White Oak School 4:15-6:15
(Great resource for communication and collaboration)

Oct 14- Beyond the Furnture: Creating a LCE- Space at Fort Garrison ES 4:15-6:15
(Perfect for teachers in the beginning stages of LCE)

Audio Tools in Instruction at White Oak School 4:15-6:15
(Tools include:Audacity, Wixie, Vocaroo)

Learning Walks

Learning walks are great opportunities for job-embedded professional development. This month, we will again take some learning walks through the building. It's a chance to see something new, reflect on our classrooms, consider implications, and plan for new practices.

Our first round of learning walks was successful. We had great discussions about things observed during the walks. The next round will focus on the grade level below your current grade level. (Sorry, Kinder teachers...)

If you haven't seen it yet, take a minute to watch this video of a learning walk in a BCPS school on the Teaching Channel. Just click on the heading above.

"While you might go in with one focus, you come out with seven different ideas of things you can take into your own classroom," Sean McComb, Patapsco Center for the Arts teacher.

Sites to Bookmark

BCPSOne Manual - Great videos and directions for everything BCPS One related.

ODL Wiki - Full of useful resources, information, and tutorials

Calendar Info

Friday, October 16: No Students, MSEA Convention

Friday, October 30: 3 Hour Early Closing, 1st Marking Period Ends

Grade Level Meetings:

Oct. 19 - Kindergarten and Grade 5

Oct. 23 - Grade 1 and Grade 2

Oct. 28 - Grade 3 and Grade 4