Marrissa thornton

english 3

Hobbies and Ativites

sewing, riding horse, color guard, dance, acting, doing puzzes,

and watching old movies are my hobbies and what i like to do.


  • UV was fun i remember having a lot of fun there.
  • Thayer was really small and only one teacher for all classes.
  • Neodasha was bigger and my science teacher was awesome.
  • BHS is giant and it is ok
  • I would like to go to Julliard for collage for modern and balla and then go to broadway.


I have a brother three half brother and a sister. me and my brother and my sister live to gether the other three are graduated. i have lots of family i have a twon full of relatitves and i also have famliy all over.


mom: Jessica thornton

dad: coty thornton

I live with my mom