Eatin in the Jeep

Healthiest Fast Food Options For When I'm On The Move

OPTION 1 -- Panera Bread

Tomato Mozzarella Flatbread Sandwich with Chicken
Small Superfruit Power Smoothie

OPTION 2 -- Qdoba Mexican Grill

Naked Burrito with grilled chicken, black beans, fajita vegetables, grilled vegetables, salsa and guacamole
Unsweetened Tea

OPTION 3 -- Chick-fil-A

8 Piece Chicken Nuggets
Side Salad with Light Dressing
Fruit Cup
Unsweetened Tea

Eatin in the Jeep

I found out a whole lot about what I eat at fast food restaurants. I thought I was making pretty good choices, but I can be doing a lot better. These are three great options from three great fast food restaurants for when you don't have a choice but to eat on the go! They're not perfect and they're not like cooking at home, but they meet most of the My Plate requirements, including servings of fruits and vegetables.