Anti Drug Message

Depressant, Hallucinogen, Stimulant


*reduces arousal or stimulation

ex: alcohol, opiates, and barbiturates

Psychological effects: judgment and memory of a person over a long period of time, mood swings, depression, and fatigue

Physiological effects: slow brain function, pulse, breathing, confusion fatigue dizziness (short term) depression, sexual problems, and sleep problems. tend to crave and have anxiety attacks or panic if you cant get more (long term)

Warnings- If you are taking a depressant medication under the age of 25 you have a greater chance to become suicidal.

Regulations/laws- 21 to drink alcohol, antidepressants are prescribed by doctors


*alters perception

ex: Marijuana and mushrooms

Psychological effects: can cause hallucination and illusions

physiological effects: increased heart rate, and blood pressure, lung failure, confusion, meaningless movements violent behavior (short term) flashbacks, decreased motivation, depression, panic attacks (long term)

Statistics- 13.6% of seniors have used hallucinogens

Warnings- cause memory lass and delusions occur

Regulations/laws- medical marijuana can only come from a doctor


*the speed up drug

ex: nicotine and cocaine

Psychological effects: you feel in a "better mood" and think your anxiety is reduced

Physiological effects: exhaustion and depression, soon you take it to get well, instead of high (short term) addictive, hostility, irregular heartbeat, and paranoia (long term)

Statistics- Nicotine is the #1 cause of preventable deaths in the US. Highest rate of the use of cocaine is found in young adults aging 18-25

Warnings- can cause cancer, kidney failure, rapid heart beat

Regulations/laws- 18 to buy cigarettes, cocaine is illegal to have or consume