Social Studies @ LEISD

Grades 03-05 Cadre Agenda 5/14

Spanish Resources

Leveled Readers in Spanish have been delivered to Hackberry and Oak Point for K-5.

We have a full set of Guided Reading in Spanish that will be ready for you at the start of the 2015-2016 school year.

New Materials Training the week of August 10th

Nystrom Education K-5- Exploring Where and Why

Active Classroom 6-12 (with additional resources for 4-5)

9 Days of Professional Learning and countless eCourses and Webinars available to us.

They have taken the K-3 Curriculum Map and are in the process of building lesson based on our YAG. We will do the same with 4-5 when the map is ready.

Your training will be very specific so you can actually do the activities in the training and leave ready for students!

Common Authentic Assessments

Taken suggestions from teachers about the rubrics, examples of each level, and how to put the information into Aware. You will have a complete framework with detailed information and instructions ready to go for the start of school.

Curriculum Mapping & Exemplar Lessons

Please use the link below to give feedback on the 2015-2106 Social Studies Curriculum Map. Feel free to add your favorite lesson/activity/assessment ideas for each unit in the space below the standards.