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Important To-Know and To-Do Information

Based on the feedback received from our FIT Team and our survey, we are adding this section to the Raptor News so you are better informed. Please make sure you read this section as it contains important information about Stuart.

To Know:

  • Quarter 1 Grades posted on October 28th
  • Pink Out Days October 27th & October 28th
  • Your child can receive free meals for the whole week*
  • 27J is looking for family who need additional support for the holidays*

To Do:

  • Fill out THIS form for Grab & Go Meals*
  • Fill out THIS form if you'd like help for Thanksgiving and Christmas.*

*Additional information below.

Strategies to Support Your Raptor During Remote Learning

We understand the struggle students face when learning remotely. Below, we offer a few strategies to support Raptors in learning remotely:

  1. Make sure your Raptor has a learning space that is conducive to learning. During our Family Involvement Team meeting today, parents shared that they create spaces for their Raptors in their kitchen, or living rooms so that they can be supervised and supported. It is important that they have a designated space to do their work.
  2. Make sure your Raptor has a schedule and they follow it. At Stuart, we have provided a structure for your Raptor to be successful. If you follow the schedule we provided for asynchronous days, your Raptor can benefit from a structured day. Make sure you add time to exercise, brain breaks and snacks (lunch is build in their schedule).
  3. Minimize distractions. As much as possible, make sure that the space is free from distracting noise such as a TV, music, barking, etc.
  4. Get plenty of sleep and exercise. Make sure your child has a good night sleep. Exercise should also be included in their day. They will spend a lot of time seated, make sure they follow a routine to move around.
  5. Become familiar with the technology your child is using. For many reasons (including safety) it is important that you know what your child is doing and how they are using the technology to which they have access. Did you know that your Raptor has access to assistive technology such as read aloud ro text-to-speech? Click HERE to access tutorials on the technology we use at home.
  6. Reach out to the people at school who are ready to support your Raptor. Each Raptor has a whole team of people behind them. Always reach out to the teacher first for any specifics about the class. But you may also reach out to their counselor, administrator, or academic adviser. Click HERE to access their information.
  7. Utilize the resources available to your Raptor at school. Did you know that Stuart provide academic support during the day? Sadly, this resource is being minimally utilized. We also provide extra-curricular activities such as running, photography, finances, etc. Your Raptor can access this support during the school day and at no cost to you. Click HERE to access this information.

School Nomination for Holiday Needs

District 27J is committed to supporting our families during the winter holidays. If you/your family is experiencing financial hardship and would like assistance with food for Thanksgiving and with Christmas gifts for your children, please fill out THIS form by October 31st. A member of our team will be reaching out to you to provide specific information.

Click HERE to access the form.

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What If We Are Shutdown and Sent Home?

We are aware that with positive COVID-19 cases increasing in the State of Colorado and Adams County, there is a possibility that schools will be required to close. Stuart has been preparing for this since July. Our programming allows for flexible transition between remote, hybrid, synchronous and asynchronous learning. If we are forced to close NOTHING changes. Students simply move to remote learning and follow the exact same schedule they currently have. The only difference will be that instead of walking into a physical classroom, students will "walk" into a virtual classrooms. Same teachers, same schedule, same link, same Academic Adviser...nothing changes. We planned with this possibility in mind.

We are committed to minimizing disruptions to our learning. We will be prepared to transition to remote or back to hybrid at a moment's notice.