On Sunday morning, at about 10:45am, a black van crashed on the bridge over Claymore Springs. Ruins everywhere, 4 people missing. 1 person survived, Frederick. One witness said that they were driving along the road, when they suddenly came to a stop. Frederick, the only surviver, talks in an interview. "There was a little kid standing in the middle of the road, I went to tell him to get off the road and it turned out to be a midget, his name was Peter. He tryed to sell me drugs, I said no thanks, now get off the road!" Tells Frederick. Everyone on the bus were told by Peter to get out of Claymore because something was going to happen."We asked what was going to happen, he said in a creepy voice that he will never tell us and ran away." Explain FredAfter he ran away a bus came driving toward him and almost ran over him, it swerved around him and ran into us and pushed te bus off the bridge."I escaped by jumping out the open window in the van. As i was laying on the bridge, I watched the van fall and scatter bits everywhere. My maccas was still in the van when fell but the worst thing is wondering if everyone is still alive or not. I just want them to find everyone, my father, King of Maccas, Tracey, Steven and Anthony." Explains Fred.They are still searching very hard to find everyone and Freds maccas for him.