10 reasons to try a McRib

Try our McRib.

We know you’re out there—the ones who have never tasted the legend that is the McRib. Maybe you’re saying “Give me one good reason to try a McRib.” so we give you 10.


2.39 for sandwich alone

combo is 2.69

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1. Celebrities have loved the McRib.

2. Its made of real pork—we know you can spot the fake

3. No bones—means more pork in your sandwich

4. The combination of BBQ pork, onions and pickles can keep every lat taste bud completely entertained

5. They say you only live once. Don’t you think you owe that life as much taste as possible?

6. There’s a lot of people out there who love this sandwich. Thus, they’ll love you. BOOM— instant attraction!

7. Because you've been dying to break out your “I Love Pork!” t-shirt again.

8. This isn't a sandwich that expects to be shared. Feel free to keep all that barbecue pork awesomeness to yourself.

9. New pickup line: “Oh, is that extra sauce on your chin? Let me get that for you.” You’re welcome.

10. Just the other day, your mouth told you it wanted one. You should really listen.

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