Bags Without Borders

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Let's Make A Change

We want to help you break your plastic bag habit! Do you know there are five masses of toxic plastic waste floating in the world’s oceans? Take a look at this video to see just how extensive they are:
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How Do I Get Involved?

In an effort to raise awareness about this life threatening situation, (that is not hyperbole BTW), we invite you to sign up for our Bags Without Borders project. If you’re interested, here’s what you need to do:

  • Email to sign-up.
  • Bring in 8 plastic bags from home and receive a free Studio Gaia reusable tote. (Made from recycled plastic bottles.)
  • Take your tote with you to the stores where you shop—Target, Walgreen’s, the supermarket etc. and use it rather than accepting paper or plastic. (This can be a real challenge in some stores…they are ready to toss your items into their plastic bags before you even get to the cash register!)
  • Send us 5 selfies of you using the Studio Gaia tote at various stores and shops; you can email them to and we will proudly post them on our website and FB page! (With your permission of course!)
  • Each person who completes the project will receive a $10 discount off their next class card at Studio Gaia. (There is no deadline for completion – just send your pictures in as you get them.)
We will research what to do with all of the bags we collect to make sure we proceed in the most environmentally responsible way.