What I liked about this Summer School

The MacBooks

For summer school we got to use MacBook Airs, which was really fun. We got to use them to try new technology and do fun stuff like iMovie, Google Docs, Scoot pad, Moby max and so much more. What I liked about the MacBooks was that I got to do one on one, not having everybody doing the same as I am doing, which I thought was really cool.

This is the presentation that our group made for our research on Africa.

School Year

I liked the MacBooks for Summer School, and I hope that we get them all year round because I think more students would like to do one on one instead of having a teacher teaching a lesson. Another good thing for having them all year round is that kids can take them home and do the work and research their which would be really cool to do. And the last thing is I think we would got more work done, and kids would like it more then listening to a lesson.

This is what I liked about this Summer School


Olivia Cotton 5th grade Summer School