By: Brett Blackley

The role of DNA in Biotechnology & DNA testing in Biotechnology

Extracting and isolating DNA in biotechnology provides the ability to catch criminals, test for genetic diseases, cure diseases, clean up environmental spills, and identify soldiers killed in battle that would be unidentifiable. It also assists in agriculture to develop super plants and animals. It helps to prevent diseases and insect infestation.

Biotechnology in Agriculture

Agriculture uses biotechnology to modify & improve plants, animals, and microorganisms to increase their production. Biotechnology makes it possible to develop insect and disease resistant plants. It helps to identify diseases in animals and prevent them.
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Biotechnology in enviromental clean up

Biotechnology helps environmental clean ups, by using microbes to clean up oil spills and chemical spills. Biotechnology works in two ways. It may break down the pollutant or it may consume the pollutant. It may not work on all environment spills, such as metals.

How Biotechnology is used in the Health Industry for medicine

Today, biotechnology in the health industry is being used to develop needed vaccines, new medicine to fight off tough illnesses so people can be healthy. It is being used in cancer and virus research. It is also used in genetic testing to identify diseases.


Medical biotechnology uses living cells to research and to produce pharmaceutical medicine and other products. Medical biotechnology also has helped to market microbial pesticides, insect resistant crops, and envirmental clean up techniques. Many scientist in this field study genetic engineering. That involves confining, identifying, and processing human genes to determine what the genes do and how genes react. Someone working in medical biotechnology would spend a lot of time in a lab environment.

Negitive Impacts off Biotechnology

1. Genetic engineering crosses and violates natural reproduction.

2. Biotechnology could add to the serious problem of antibiotic resistant medicine.

3. Genetic engineered plants could start to produce new toxins and allergens.

Top 5 States with the most Biotech Companies

California: 410

Massachusetts: 210

Maryland: 95

North Carolina: 87

Pennsylvania: 71

North Carolina is ranked 4th in biotechnology companies.

Biotechnology Reasurch Centers

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