No kill animal shelter


Don't call it a dream call it a plan-anomous

Mission statement

My belief is that animal shelters should not kill animals if they are in there for so long, that when the animal gets too old the should go to a place like a elders home but for animals to live until they pass or die naturally instead of force dying.

How I would make it better is to find out locally how animal shelters are so I could get educated on this topic. Waukesha County HAWS what is an agency where people can take their pets when they can't take care of them no longer or to adopt a pet.

I have talked to my parents to take me to HAWS to take a tour there, when I go there I will see if there are volunteers working at HAWS. And i will see how they think of when its time to kill the animal .

About us

​When I found out that some animal shelters put down or kill the animals after they're in the shelter for so long I knew I wanted to do something about this so other people knew about this. So during class I worked on this Website because I had a passion for animal and killing them is not right at all.