Higher Order Questioning

Part 2

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  • How it works:

– Provide students with a copy of an Appointment Agenda with various time-slot options.

– Ask them to walk around the room and make “appointments” with various partners.

– Both partners should select a time that is open and write each other’s name in the time slot.

– If someone remains without a partner, have that person triple up with an existing pair.

– Once the agendas are filled in, you can use this as a pairing tool.

– Partners should appear only once on an agenda.

  • How to Ensure Higher-Order Thinking:

– Steps for ensuring higher-order thinking will depend on the activity that you choose to

do once partners meet.

Take your clock and fill it with 4 appointments, one appointment for each hour designated.

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Fortune Cookie Warm-up

1. Click the link below to reveal your fortune.

2. Think about how this fortune relates to your current job.

3. Meet with your 9am partner and discuss.

4. When both partners have shared, go back to your seat.

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Chalkboard Splash

How it works:

– Visit the TPT Strategies Stations.

– Scan the QR Code and view the TPT Strategy template.

– As you review each strategy, generate feedback, write it on a post-it note, and place the post-it note on the chart paper.