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Montello Forward 2020

New School Website Feature- MAP by RIT

4K Registration

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Class of 2017 ACT

This year the class of 2017 will be taking the ACT and the ACT Work Keys exam on March 1 and 2 at no cost to you. Please take the time to read the note below and visit our assessment prep page on our new Montello School District website.


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Forest Lane Community School

6th Grade Bowling

Play Practice

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Safety Patrol Members & Captains

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4th Grade Tracking Their Progress in Math

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FLCS Math and Reading Night!

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Junior High

Hoops for Heart

The Jr. High raised over $200 for the America Heart Association. As part of the event they held a 3 point shoot out and a 3 on 3 competition. Some students played basketball while others enjoyed being helpers!
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Senior High

Food Service Practicing their Knife Skills

Montello FFA

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Congratulations to our speaking contest participants; Samantha(discussion meet ), Calista (job interview), Kahlen(job interview), and Mackenzie(extemporaneous)! They all did amazing in their respective contests. Special shout out to Samantha who placed 1st in her contest and will move to sectional competition on March, 8th. Wish her luck and be sure to congratulate all of these great speaking contestants!

High Marq Environmental Charter School

High Marq’s Presentation Night occurred Wednesday night, and Tate Johnson, like his peers, has been preparing tirelessly for the past few weeks. Preparing for Presentation Night is a (sometimes stressful) rewarding ordeal. Tate has been working very hard to develop his final product, which recently clocked in at 216 hours of work put into the final product for my programming project. This subject of his presentation is important to him (which is apparent from the amount of time I spent reading and practicing my skills), and it makes those 216 hours of hard work feel much greater. Tate's peers have all made their intent to show our visitors the knowledge we have gained abundantly clear. No one has had time to slack off these few weeks, with our important and interesting project subjects they have found lots to love about our products and everyone wants people to see.
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Grading for Learning

Standards-Based Grading Overview

6-8 Middle School Model

Article by Rick Wormeli