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Slowing Down and Looking Ahead

What a busy week it has been at BBE! So many things are going on as we wrap up parent conferences, prepare for the carnival, get ready for DCAs, finalize grades, and TEACH our kids. With that in mind, we will NOT be having PLCs on Monday to give us all some "catch up" time, but we will still have PAWS TIME. Since it's the Book Fair, those classes that would normally have Genius Hour will be dropped off and picked up at Counselor's Corner.

On Monday, however, your PLNs are due by email or a hard copy to your PDAS evaluator. If you have any questions, please stop by and I will be happy to help. This is an opportunity for you to take ownership of your professional growth and for us to support you in your endeavor.

Thank you for the positive comments about the flipped faculty meeting. I so appreciate how you came prepared to discuss your topic, shared your own ideas, and collaborated with your peers to increase purposeful instruction and student engagement on our campus.

Using the 5D Framework for Teaching and Learning as our foundation, we will continue to focus on the goals that we set last year and provide even more collective and individual support for strengthening their impact on student learning:

*Writing and implementing the Three Part Objective

*Implementing and sustaining Positive Reinforcement Systems

*Increasing Student Engagement (through accountable talk)

Our kids deserve our very best every day! And I appreciate your willingness to grow and change in order to impact student achievement and equip students with the skills they need to be leaders both now and in the future!

See you at the carnival!

Mrs. Ray


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This and That

Below are just a few random pieces of information you need to know. . .

  • Attendance is due between 9:50 and 10:10. We are monitoring attendance submissions closely since this affects our funding, so please be mindful of the time.
  • Volunteers need to be off campus by 2:30 p.m. Please notify any volunteers that are helping you with copies, etc. they need to be finished by this time since we are preparing for dismissal. The PTO is aware of this, but others who are not as active may not be.
  • Please keep all Tardy Slips for your records. The slips that you receive serve to allow the student into class and keep you informed about students arriving late. These slips should NOT go home to the parents since the admin team has a system for addressing tardies that is more positive and personalized.

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