TEAM Westridge "Be a Champion"

Week of October 17, 2016

TEAM Westridge is...

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." --Helen Keller

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Upcoming Events

October 17th - Beginning of 2nd Quarter

October 17th - Westridge Play @ 7PM

October 18th - 7:45 - PLCs for Math, Social Studies, Art, PE and Music

October 18th - Westridge Play @ 7 PM

October 19th - All grades must be entered by midnight - Quarter 1 grade is final

October 20th - P/T Conferences (no school) 8-11:30/1-4:00/5-8:00

October 21st - P/T Conferences (no school) 8-11:30/1-4:00

October 25th - PLCs for ELA, Science, Foreign Language, CTE


Please make sure you are grading and entering grades in a timely manner.

Encourage students to stay for Academic Support if they need to complete work or make up a test.


If a student forgets their MacBook, please do not send them to the library to borrow a laptop for the day. If a student does not have a laptop for an extended period of time, Karen Dierks will work with teachers to get a laptop for the classroom if needed. However, it needs to stay in the classroom. When our old laptops get damaged or no longer work, the district does not fix them.

MacBook Information from Karen Dierks

As you are aware, we have been having several issues dealing with Blue Coat. The first involves students not being able to get online or remain online this week. This district is aware of the problems and are working on them, but we will need to be flexible in supporting students until all issues are resolved. It has gotten better, but the network analysts are continuing to work on it. It make take a little longer for this to be completely resolved, so please be patient. The second involves students being able to get online at home. We have a small percentage of students who have been getting an error message about their internet at home "not being secure." This is because their Blue Coat certificate has expired. The help desk was able to find out from the network team that this was the problem. The only way to fix this is for the building analyst to update the certificate on the student’s Macbook. We will need to get all of those students into the library next week to get this issue fixed. These students may have had difficulty completing their homework so please be understanding. Please give them paper copies as needed and you may need to make adjustments for past assignments now that we know the cause of the problem. If you are not sure if they really have that issue, just have them take a screenshot of it to show you.

Next, we have approximately 300 MacBooks that are not being managed by the District that are going to need to be identified and eventually “touched” by an analyst so they can get the necessary updates. We will work on these over the next month.

We also have two other separate issues that need our attention. There is a Blue Coat update that needs to be done by the students. We will look at doing this during an upcoming Wildcat Hour. Finally, not all students have signed the online AUP and Discipline form. We are now making this mandatory since this is the only way for students to sign the Discipline Policy Handbook. Jade will be sending out more information on this requirement.

Fundraiser Reminder!

Thank you doesn't even begin to describe the appreciate TEAM Westridge has for the students and staff efforts on the fundraiser! We sold over $20,000 in cookie dough and coupon books; we will let you know our profit from that when we have a final number. That money will go back to Westridge and its students!

Championship Shout Outs

Many thanks to Officer Harrison for presenting to the 7th grade Social Studies classes this week. The kids ADORE him. He makes such a difference to our Westridge family!

-Mindy Messmer

Thanks for a fantastic time at the What Great Educators Do Differently conference with Pedro, Lyn, Kim, Judith, and Jade! We are excited to share what we learned!

-Katie Campbell

I want to do a shout out for everyone who pitched in to help cover my classes when I was gone so much recently and had no subs. Team Westridge is Terrific! Tops with me!


-Stephanie T.

I’d like to make a shoutout to the newest staff member…..The ice maker in the lounge! Welcome to Westridge, your presence is greatly appreciated!

-Jaime Bradford

Thanks to Mary Clow for taking the time to repair a special Mardi Gras mask pen for a student who accidentally sat on it. The student was absolutely devastated as it was a special pen she had just received the day before. It’s the little things that let our students know they are cared about!

-Leah Parsons

I’d like to give a shout-out to Mr. Michael for attempting to warn me that I had a four-legged visitor on Monday, to Ms. Messmer in helping to capture our friend, and Otis for returning our friend to his natural habitat. And, finally, to our four-legged friend for waking up my 2nd Hour class :)

-Kristen Holmes

  • Shout out to the office staff for all your help during our fundraiser!
  • Huge shout out to everyone who pitched in last week when Jeremy and Jade were gone. We are a fantastic TEAM!


Hall Pass Reminder

Hall passes need to be issued to any student who is out in the hallway, either going from class-to-class, to the restroom, or to the office. Anytime a student is not in class, he/ she should have a hall pass to document it.

Help support TEAM Westridge by making sure students have passes and use the sign-in/sign-out sheets provided. By being consistent with this expectation, we can all help support one another and the students.

What Connected Educators Do Differently: 8 Key Behaviors

1. Invest in a PLN (professional learning network)

2. Learn what they want, when they want, how they want

3. Embrace the 3 C's: Communication, Collaboration, Community

4. Give & Take...and give some more

5. Strive to BE Tomorrow...Today!

6. Know that it's still about the 3 R's: Relationships, Relationships, Relationships

7.Model the Way

8. Know when to uplug

Need some ideas for who to follow: @toddwhitaker, @catlin_tucker, @edutopia, @gcouros

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher conferences are right around the corner. Be certain to reach out to parents of your students who are struggling academically and/or behaviorally. Make sure and invite the student to attend as well. If a student has a D or F in your class, you should be making parent contact. Don't forget to offer our Academic Support; it is a great opportunity for our students.

Thursday, October 24: Open Conferences 8:00-11:30 1:00-4:00 5:00-8:00

Friday, October 25: Scheduled Conferences in your room 8:00-11:30 1:00-4:00

BIST Buddy Room Update

Buddy Rooms is rolling. Please make sure to model for the students what you expect as they enter and exit the room because of the need of the buddy room.

Do you still need to print out the Think Sheet? It is located in the Westridge Leadership Google Classroom. Don't forget to customize it to your class by listing the Buddy Room assignment classroom names. The physical Think Sheet can be used as the pass to and from the Buddy Room.

Nick Oddo, the BIST consultant, will be back in the building on November 22nd. More info will be sent out later about his time during the day.

The 7 C's: Culture, Contagious, Consistent, Communicate, Connect, Commitment, Care

Refresh, renew, reenergize as we start the 2nd quarter! Our goal is: Students First! Never lose sight of this as a member of TEAM Westridge.
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A Note From The WMS Student Council

The week of October 24-28 is Spirit Week. We are efficiently combining Red Ribbon, Spirit Week, and United Way. Here are our plans. We would love to have full staff participation. Please encourage your students to vote for you and to dress up during the week!

Monday: Black Out Drugs (wear all black clothing)

Tuesday: Twin Tuesday + Photo Booth on the blue tile during Wildcat Hr.

Wednesday: Neon Day

Thursday: Wear (appropriate) PJs: Purchase a .50 ticket to participate

Friday: Teacher Costume Contest: $5 entry/students vote in the MPR by donating $$ to teacher’s jar

The United Way Website for Donations: unitedwaysolutions@uwgkc.org

Tuesday Meeting Reminder

Tuesday, October 17th is PLC time for Math, Social Studies, Art, PE and Music.

Tuesday, October 25th is PLC time for ELA, Science, CTE, and Foreign Language

The time is yours, just let Jeremy, Jade, Jeanette and Katie know your locations and submit the PLC template at the end of your time! Thank you for all you do and your hard work!

Professional Learning Community (PLC) Tip of the Week

“Three Big Ideas That Drive the Work of a PLC"

The essence of the PLC process is captured in three big ideas:

1. The purpose of our school is to ensure all students learn at high levels.

2. Helping all students learn requires a collaborative and collective effort.

3. To assess our effectiveness in helping all students learn we must focus on results—evidence of student learning—and use results to inform and improve our professional practice and respond to students who need intervention or enrichment.
―Richard DuFour from Learning by Doing: A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work

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Out of the Building

Jeremy, Jade and Jeanette will be here all week! :-)


Just a reminder to sign up for an appointment with a Benefits Counselor.


If you are on district medical insurance and you have not done your biometric screening yet, time is running out. Remember, this saves you $600.



PTSA is an important partner! Thanks to all of you who have joined the Westridge PTSA. It is not too late to join.

Teachers can apply to our PTSA for a teacher grant. See Kate Brewster for applications.

SMEF Payroll Donation

Please click this form if you are interested in making a donation via payroll deduction to the Shawnee Mission Education Foundation CARES Fund. The funds from this go to support students/families from the Shawnee Mission School District that are in financial need.

TOGETHER we make a difference for the students and families of Team 512.

If you have questions, please contact Kim Hinkle in the SMEF office.