Consumer Bill of Rights

Your Rights

You have the right to be informed, to choose, to education, to service, to safety, and you have the right to complain.

You have a right to education

You have the right to know everything about what you are buying. What does that entail you might ask. Well it means you have the right to know all of the faults, problems, and pleasures of the product you are buying. For example hover boards can catch on fire while charging and burn down your house. If the people effected by that had known that risk before they bought it they might have though differently about getting one.

You have the right to be informed

You have a right to be informed about everything that is going on from the product your buying to the security of the store its in. When target was hacked a year or two ago and thousands of people's private information was stolen the people who's info was stolen might have thought differently about shopping there if they had been informed about this security flaw.
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You have the right to choose

You have a right to choose anything. You get to choose what you want to buy, when you want to buy it, and where you want to buy it. You decide when and how you want to get things. For example you may choose to get a certain iPod on a certain day from a certain store for specific reasons.
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You have a right to service

when your at a store like Target or Walmart you have a right to the service that store has. You have a right to be served by the employees of that franchise while you shop there. If the store or its employees seem to provide poor customer service then you might not want to shop there. For example you could be getting help from an employee at Old Navy and while your in the changing room the employee could simply walk away that's bad customer service.
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You have a right to safety

The right to safety is a right that everyone has, however it is a right you must provide for yourself. Only you can make yourself be safe. You have a right to use products safely. For example you wouldn't use an iron to make a grilled cheese it would be unsafe.
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You have a right to complain. (be heard)

when a store shows is lacking in good customer service you have a right to complain to the store. If the store denies you something that should clearly be available to you such as returning something you have every right to complain and be heard. If you don't like something in a store than complain for example look at there are thousands upon thousands of complaints on Yelp. (There are good remarks to though)
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