Ultraviolet Light


Ultraviolet light is commonly used to sterilize equipment, but there are many other uses as well. In tanning beds, UV is the light seen emanating from the tubes, which is why people tan.

UV is also used to detect counterfeit money, and to harden some types of dental filling.

At places that use UV lights, or "blacklights," as called by some, the lights illuminate clothes, making the clothes seem to glow. This is caused by certain chemicals in washing materials which fluoresce when hit by UV. The clothes absorb the light and re-radiate it at a longer wavelength.

For people with a Vitamin D deficiency, doctors usually prescribe small doses of UV light.

This is because the body produces Vitamin D when exposed to suitable amounts of UV.

More Information

Wavelength: 1 x 10 divided by eight exponentially - 4 x 10 exponentially divided by seven.

Frequency: 7.5 x 10 to the 14th power - 3 x 10 to the 16th power.

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This video explains how UV light, when mixed among other materials, may "fluoresce," simply because of the photons it emits. Everything else did the same thing, not fully explaining UV, just the fluorescent part.



Gigi the Germ-Zapping Robot

A germ-zapping robot named Gigi uses Ultraviolet light to kill 99.9% of all microbes. The strength of the UV she uses is 25,000 times stronger than the UV the sun sends out. When Gigi cleans, she provides a very deep clean, extending to under the bed and in the folds of curtains, and she doesn't even move. This goes to show just how strong Gigi is. She has now begun looking at ebola, and even that doesn't stand a chance against the almighty, super-powerful, germ-obliterating Gigi.
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Gigi in Action


At the location of the link, you will find the main article on Gigi. It basically explains the

Anyway, Gigi takes a powerful UV light and amplifies that power even more. This is explained by the co-founder Mark Stibich. Specific material information is not given, as well as facts about when and where Gigi was made.

It does, however, explain the impact Gigi will have on this world. Seeing as she can wipe out all known diseases so far, soon hospitals will be as clean as ever, without a single germ to be seen (as technology advances, of course). Now, if a human were to stand in the room (And I'm sure you all know, this is meant only to clear up any misconceptions), they would die almost instantly.

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