Everything you need to learn about Meerkats

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What they Eat

Meerkats eat many animals from birds to insects and more. When they eat birds they only eat small ones. The insects they eat are grasshoppers ,crickets ,worms [etc.]. When they eat scorpions their poison will be immune. In fact it gives them energy.
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What they Look Like

Meerkats look like squirrels and are tiny little creatures. They have white stripes on their back and black rings around their eyes. These creatures are about 1 to 2 feet tall. They are white ,black ,tan and gray. When they scamper by you might not notice them because of their dull colors.
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Where they Live

Meerkats live in the Kalahari desert in southern Africa. They usually live in the grasslands and not in the forests. When they are done scouting for a home they will dig a borrow. In the borrow it has chambers and tunnels. Chambers are like rooms and tunnels are like hallways. Tunnels have about 15 entrances and exits to go in and out.