okanagan's partners in crime

the unwanteds

why are they here?

They're invasive to the environment, and their names are the Himalayan Blackberry and the Eastern Fox Squirrel. Be careful they have a negative impact on the local ecosystem. So don't plant or transport them, that's a way they can spread.

intresting facts?

Himalayan Blackberry: you can use them in pie and are consumed by humans, birds, and other mammals
Eastern Fox Squirrel: close relative to the Eastern Grey Squirrel


Himalayan Blackberry common name: Himalayan Blackberry and Himalayan berry
scientific name: Rubus procures or R. armeniacus
Eastern Fox Squirrel common name: Bryant's Fox Squirrel, Cat Squirrel, Delmarva Fox Squirrel, Fox Squirrel, and Stump-eared Squirrel
scientific name: Sciurus niger

when did they arrive and how did they get here?

Himalayan Blackberry: native to Europe, it spreads through out the pacific cost, they are found on roadside river banks, parks, and other disturbed areas, came in the mid 1980s, they come by planting them.
Eastern Fox Squirrel: native to the eastern and mid-western United States, it speads by trapping squirrels or reaching orphaned squirrel and releasing them to possibly in new habitats, found in city parks, urban areas and fural woodlands, the first sighting in osoyoos near the international borden, in the mid 1980s

how to stop them?

Himalayan Blackberry: don't purchase, trade or grow it and remove plant, plant parts and seeds from gear clothing, pets and vehicles
Eastern Fox Squirrel: don't trade or ship to other provinces