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When your enter the divine space of our land you will find the best treatment of health, equality, being the best you can be, freedom, growth, and happiness. Along with our cultivating landscape scenery.


In Wabi-Sabi wealth, and the means of producing wealth, are privately owned businesses and controlled rather than commonly, publicly, or state owned. You are in charge of your own rate of success. The working class are paid to produce goods and services which are then sold for profit.


1. Private Ownership
This means people and corporations can own land, goods, and investments. Private ownership means less government ownership and interference. It also means more power for the people.

2. Freedom to do Business for Individuals
In a capitalistic society, anyone can start a business and make decisions for that business as well as receive profits from the business.

3. Competition is Fair
Corporations and individuals can compete by waging the prices on their own goods. The free market is open for competition.

4. Political Freedom
Since there is economic freedom and people can make their own choices, the government does not control or own the right to decide on production or what the price is for goods. This creates a society which can make political decisions based on what the people want, rather than what the government controls.

5. Supply and Demand
Since the people and companies control the goods, supply and demand is controlled by what is needed and wanted by the people who purchase the goods.


Last chance to enjoy the benefits of independence to build your own country. Capitalism is the only way to go.
Why Capitalism Works