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National World Aids Day!!!

To all of our students and parents of our Youth Ministry at Most Blessed Sacrament Church. Today is World Aids Day and I ask that we join with our Most Blessed Sacrament HIV / AIDS Awareness Committee for a day of prayer. Please read the message below as given to us by our HIV/AIDS Awareness Committee.

Lyndon Batiste

Youth Minister

Most Blessed Sacrament Church



Is HIV/AIDS still a SERIOUS health issue today?

Do people still die from AIDS?

Yes, In the United States, about 15,500 people with AIDS died in 2010. HIV disease remains a significant cause of death for certain populations. To date, more than 635,000 individuals with AIDS in the United States have died.

HIV disease continues to be a serious health issue for parts of the world. Worldwide, there were about 2.3 million new cases of HIV in 2012. An estimated 1.6 million people died from AIDS-related illnesses in 2012, and an estimated 36 million people with AIDS have died worldwide since the epidemic began. Sub-Saharan Africa bears the biggest burden of HIV/AIDS, with nearly 1 in 20 adults living with HIV. Other regions significantly affected by HIV/AIDS include Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and South and Southeast Asia.

So, we request that you say a special PRAYER, on World AIDS Day, Dec. 1st, for the Healing of those living with HIV/AIDS and for a cure that will permanently eradicate HIV/AIDS worldwide.

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