Challenge A Homework

Enjoy your week of Spring Break!

Spring break is this next week, March 22! We will meet for class again on March 29. CC Open House on April 5.

Friends, we had a wonderful day on Tuesday in community, but we really missed William, Xander, and Joshua. It will be great to have you back in class on the 29th after our spring break this coming week!

On April 5, we will be having an Open House for families who are interested in joining Classical Conversations. If you have friends who are wanting to learn more about Classical Conversations, please point them to an Information Meeting, which is already scheduled (see calendar), or let me know and we will set up an Information Meeting. Ask me how you can lead an Information Meeting, too!

As you work on "At Home for Week 10" in the Challenge A Guide, just follow the assignments for that week. Here are some notes on each strand:

Latin: Read lesson 11 and practice the vocabulary. Try translating the reader's theatre between the two Christians and the Roman Proconsul on pages 129-131. We had fun acting this out in class!

Lost Tools of Writing: Write your essay on The Gathering of Days to share in class on the 29th, and complete reading Crispin: Cross of Lead by AVI. You need to have completed the Crispin book so that we can build an ANI chart in class. Thank you for making the effort to read the next book.

Math: If you are able, please bring a compass and a protractor to class on the 29th. Bring a math problem to share, too!

Rhetoric/Fallacy Detective: Read through lessons 12-14 and complete the exercises. Be sure to practice the Catechism cards, especially the ones you are unsure about.

Geography: Congratulations to Jacob for naming the most African countries from memory! Addison and Christie both improved their numbers dramatically from the previous week! All three of them cashed in big with yenoms for each country and capitol named! Well done! Keep working on the capitol cities of each country and the major geographical features. Check your Challenge A guide page 110.

Science: Be prepared to draw and label the skeleton from memory. Practice drawing the brain and write out the definitions that are in the Biology book (two yenoms/definition):


medulla oblangata



corpus callosum


spinal cord


pituitary gland

Reno Aces Baseball -- April 24 at 1:05 p.m.

F.A.I.T.H. Homeschoolers is sponsoring a homeschool event for the Reno Aces on April 24, at 1:05 p.m. Let me know if you would like to join our family for the event. Tickets are $16 each and can be purchased at CC on the weeks leading up to the event. Just let me know if you are interested purchasing tickets for your family.

Registration for fall, Challenge B, can be turned in to me at any time to hold your spot in the class. Make the check out to me: Bev Vugteveen. Please just turn in the registration forms that are available on Let me know if you need help downloading them. We are planning to have a Challenge A and a Challenge B this fall in Carson City. There is a chance that we may be able to have a Challenge I class, also...