What is a Histotechnician ?

  • Histotechnology is a science that deals with the structure of cells and their formation into tissues and organs. What Histotechnicians do is they diagnose diseases to conduct research or to instruct others in the science.
  • Histotechnicians make around $31.89, for overtime they make about $22.35-$46.44, for a bonus they could get anywhere from $0.00-$1,983, the average Histotechnician makes about $53,132, a Histotechnician could get a pay of anywhere from $36,302-$68,963.
  • Histotechnicians play a very important role in hospitals. Histotechnicians examin skin tissue, limbs, and body organs. They examin these types of things to diagnose problems in patients such as cancer and skin diseases. Histotechnicians are always in very high demand, this is because without them, doctors could not give their patients the proper treatment for their cancer or diseases.
  • The processing portion of a Histotechnicians job generally goes like this; water is removed from the tissue and replaced by melted paraffin wax. The wax infiltrates the tissue and provides the necessary support when cutting the tissue into thin slices which will eventually be examined under a microscope.
  • Associates Degree from a community collage.olid foundation in high school sciences — biology, chemistry, math and computer science.

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