Mason Jar

For all your food preserving needs

How it Came About

The French military, led by Napoleon, offered a cash prize to an individual who discovered a new method of food transportation. John Landis Mason got to thinking, and thus the mason jar was born.

Even the French are taking advantage of it!

"I let my troops use them all the time!" -Napoleon

What Is It's Use?

The mason jar provides an efficient way for families, bakers, settlers, and the military to preserve their food for later use. Families all across the land are eager to purchase this product! It also gives them an easy way to transport goods to and fro.
Napoleon's French military was in need of a method of the preservation of food so they could transport goods. Napoleon himself offered the found a cash prize. After several revisions, in 1858 John Landis Mason was credited with the invention of the mason jar. Eventually, settlers, families, bakers, and cooks, along with the military, began using mason jars to store their food.

This invention changed the way people lived back then because it helped the military initially. It later helped settlers because they could store their food instead of leaving it without protection. The mason jar jump started the making of other canning processes we use today for foods such as sauces, pickles, relishes, fruits, and tomatoes.

The first persuasive technique I used was Testimonial, when a famous person gives a direct quote. I used it because I thought people would be more likely to buy the product if a person as famous as Napoleon were to buy it. I also used Bandwagon because if people all over the land were eager to buy it then it would be purchased more.