Identity Theft

Serious crime that is vastly increasing

What is it?

Identity theft is a form of stealing someones identity in attempt to gain personal benefits in that persons name. These benefits can be health, money, resources etc.

Is it Important?

Yes it is a very important issue. Identity theft can cause many problems with money, family, house etc. People have lost their jobs and houses because of their identity being stolen, they lose all their money so they can't afford to get to work. Victims to identity theft have trouble supporting their family because of their money loss.

Recent Cases

How To Stay Safe

Easy Steps

1.Choose good passwords and PINs - Choose words and numbers the no one would be able to guess even if they're close to you

2.Protect your computer - Don't click on everything you see on your computer, buy a well known anti-virus program and keep an updated firewall.

3.Clear all info before selling - If you plan selling your computer, be sure to clear all information on your computer. Best option is to factory reset.

4.Beware of Phishing - These scams are sent through emails asking you to verify passwords for credit numbers or credit/social security details.

5.Take care when shopping online - Always check for the lock security icon in the url of all websites before using it for online shopping. If the icon is not there, don't do purchase anything from it.